Drupal Café vol.44 in Osaka
19:00 to 21:00
ナレッジサロン - Knowledge Capital

Drupal Café vol.44 in Osaka

English follows after Japanese

DrupalCafe Vol.44 は Eduardo Garcia さんをコスタリカからお迎えして、
Drupal Consoleの話しをしていただきます。
EnzoさんはDrupal Consoleの開発者で、Drupal communityを盛り上げるためにDrupalcon Asia Munbaiを皮切りに、アジア各国を回っておられます。


Drupal ConsoleはSymfony consoleコンポーネントを元にDrupalの操作をコマンドラインから楽にできるように開発されたツールです。


Drupal Consoleを実際にデモしていただき、自分でも動かしてみてその生産性の高さを体験してみましょう。

2009年から定期的にmeetup(勉強会)を開催していましたが、もっと気軽にDrupalに関する話題を情報交換できる場にしたいと考え、Drupal cafe に名前を変えて再スタートしました.

日時: 2016/3/18(金) 19:00~21:00
場所:グランフロント大阪 ナレッジサロン

参加費: 無料

At Drupal Café vol.44, we have a speaker - Mr. Eduardo Garcia (Enzo) from Costa Rica. He will speak about Drupal Console.

He is the developer of Drupal Console. Start with Drupalcon Asia Munbai, he is visiting around the Asia to cheering up Drupal Communities. 

There has been the great tool Drush which is to execute command lines for a long time ago. I guess all developers of Drupal would be use the tool. (Amazingly, Drush was started developing at 10 years ago - 2006!)

Symfony2 framework component is introduced into the Drupal8 core. Drupal console is developed based on Symfony console component, to make the configuration of Drupal using command line easier. 
Drupal console allows us variety of things - to install the Drupal, making the template of a module, backup the data, developing an API and develop the original commands.

Enzo will demonstrate the Drupal console at the next Drupal Cafe. Let’s see the demonstration and test it to experience the great performance!  

Drupal Cafe:
We held regular meetups (benkyokai) starting in 2009, but wanted a place where Drupal-related topics could be discussed and information exchanged more freely so we decided to change the name and restart the group as the Drupal Cafe. 
We’re planning to hold Drupal Cafe meetings monthly (tentatively the 3rd Fri. of each month). The location will alternate between Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, so feel free to stop by and join us to talk about Drupal when you can!
We will have a small party after the Cafe, usually in the same room. If you wanna join, do not to hesitate to join us!

When: March 18th 2016 (Friday) 19:00-21:00
Where: Grand Front Osaka, Knowledge Capital 7F, Knowledge Salon