Drupal Cafe 2015 vol.29 in TOKYO
19:00 to 21:00

English follows after Japanese

インプレスグループ セミナールーム
千代田区神田神保町1-105 神保町三井ビルディング 23階

オフィス所在地 | 株式会社インプレスホールディングス

We are going to have Drupal Cafe Vol 29 in Tokyo.

When: March 11th 2015 (Wednesday) 19:00-21:00
We are going to have a party after the meeting, 21:00-22:00.

Where: Impress Holdings,Inc.
Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Jinbocho 1-105 Jinbocho-Mitsui building 23F

About 5 minutes wallk from Jinbocho station. 
Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line 
Toei Mita Line 
Toei Shinjuku Line 

Membership fees : 500 yen



At Drupal cafe, you can share the latest information about Drupal, your own experiences, questions, IT, and related topics.

Drupal Cafe is typically an informal gathering with occasional short presentations by members with a focus on interaction between our community members.

Drupal Cafe:

We held regular meetups (benkyokai) starting in 2009, but wanted a place where Drupal-related topics could be discussed and information exchanged more freely so we decided to change the name and restart the group as the Drupal Cafe.

We’re planning to hold Drupal Cafe meetings monthly (tentatively the 3rd or 4th Fri. of each month). The location will alternate between Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, so feel free to stop by and join us to talk about Drupal when you can!

(Photo by Chris Luckhardt)